Is shopping excercise?!

Shopping IS exercise. RIGHT?

So..I have taken on a challenge this year and decided on the most typical and infamously “unfollowed-through” New Year’s resolution ever: To workout 5 times a week…every week. GOAL: GET FIT/no more noodle legs and arms. Surprisingly, (and two weeks into the new year) I have kept up with my resolution, and with a few new workout pieces for my closet and leopard-print Nike Free-Runs I am more motivated than ever! If you are also ready for a fitness challenge I also recommend a motivating trainer/a partner who knows the ropes of the gym (in my case my boyfriend).  NOW…what does this have to do with fashion you say? WELL my obsession with fashion is my inspiration and motivation!! A key fashion accessory is the body. I’m not saying we all must be walking super-models but being healthy and staying active gives a glowing foundation to our clothes. 🙂

Leighton Meester, are there weights in those bags?!

Leighton Meester, are there weights in those bags?!

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is one my my favorite fashion gurus.  She has written two books and had countless interviews about fitness and health (I strongly recommend picking up her book, “Treasure Yourself”).

Quick and easy nutrition tips from Miranda in December 2013 issue of SELF magazine

Quick and easy nutrition tips from Miranda in December 2013 issue of SELF magazine

ANYWAYS..”Where do I start?!”: Swoop up a few vibrant workout leggings, tops and sport bras from Victoria Secret, Lulu Lemon, Nike (those are my personal faves) and get your cute (soon to be way cuter) butt to the gym and start training!! Who says we can’t look cute at the gym..

Motivating DO’s and DON’Ts at the GYM. DO sport some cute workout leggings and bright colors (the fun colors make me feel energetic). DON’T wear frumpy old sweats and New Balance shoes from Steve Jobs’ closet (with all the mirrors in the gym you don’t wanna feel frumpy about yourself and quit).  DO make a dance-playlist to make you MOVE. DON’T look at your phone other than to change a song!! DON’T put on your “night-out” makeup look or any makeup look at all because sweat and makeup do not mix!! (but if you’re not feeling too hot..a little tinted moisturizer doesn’t hurt and it won’t sweat off). DON’T stress about body results! DO be patient and have fun breaking a sweat!! 🙂

P.S: Despise the gym/weights/treadmills? Try boxing and kickboxing classes. ABSOLUTELY my favorite sweat-pouring workout. Here’s the lovely VS supermodel/boxer Adriana Lima in a fierce and dramatic boxing clip:

inspiration: a fearless pic of Adriana…EVEN SUPERMODELS BREAK A GOOD SWEAT

Below are a few pieces that have motivated me to go to the gym and do some heavy lifting (all 20 pounds that I can lift LOL). click the pics for links:

super comfy sports bra in fun colors!!
Victoria Secret’s super comfy sports bra’s come in fun colors!!
Zella 'Live In - Triple Blocked' Space Dye Leggings
Zella ‘Live In – Triple Blocked’ Space Dye Leggings
leopord print nikes
Nike Free 5.0 V4 (so light, comfy and leopard..)

And finally..a quick thank you for Tyra’s beautiful tweet on body images after the VS Fashion Show 2013: photo

“If you take care of yourself, you can give more to everything else.” -Miranda Kerr

Now go out there and get fitness motivated! you’re fighting for the perfect/last pair of shoes in your size. Happy shopping! 😉 xo

By, Abbey Bland


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