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Current trend/obsession: BOOTIES. No, not the booty you’re sittin’ on…the baby-short-boots..BOOTIES. Pictured above are (my feet in..) four of my favorite pairs of booties currently residing in my closet and/or on my feet.

Before I bought my first pair, I was supppper hesitant (for two reasons). Reason 1: Even though I don’t have stubby legs (I’m 5’6″) I was still worried they’d cut off my legs. BUT NO FEAR just have to pair them right. And reason 2: I also worried that even the slightest heel would make me feel way TOO dressy/tall/like-I-was-strutting-the-runway 24/7. But I was VERY wrong (well besides the constant runway-strut)


 (Bless Beyoncé’s beautiful cat-walk-stage strut)

Just like Beyoncé TOO can now have a casual diva strut in comfy and easy-to-walk-in but (MORE IMPORTANTLY) super cute booties!

How to dress them out without making your legs look cut off!!:

1) Stay AWAY from wearing darker colored short-booties against a bare leg (if you have lighter skin) and vise-versa if you have darker skin. Instead of making your legs look miles long, it could often times make your legs look chopped off at the ankle! “..but what if I want to wear a dress/skirt/shorts.?!”

–A) wear thigh-high socks (darker neutral colored ones) -OR- B) wear tights (steer away from solid opaque tights that are the same color as the boot because your leg will just look like a meshed-noodle)

Ex. Black booties paired perfectly with similarly dark thigh-high socks and this June & Hudson Bell Sleeve Shift Dress (which I own & looks fabulous on…click link to dress)

2) If you have short legs…stay away from pairing light colored booties  with super dark pants and a long light colored top. To get the picture you will basically look like a short pattern…light-dark-light…and the outfit won’t flow together! To flatter a shorter-legged figure you want to do as much as possible to make your legs seem miles long, and stay away from looking like a pattern.

Steve Madden 'Nonstp' Bootie is a popular/basic sling-back open-toe bootie that comes in four perfect colors that can be paired super easily! $99.95 (true to size) (also extremely comfy)
Steve Madden ‘Nonstp’ Bootie is a popular/basic sling-back open-toe bootie that comes in four perfect colors that can be paired super easily! $99.95 (true to size) (also extremely comfy)

—My second hesitation was that the slightest heel (that most all booties come with) would make me feel over-dressed when I wanted to dress casually, or they would make me feel too tall (2 inches doesn’t seem like it would give much of a new height but since they’re so easy to walk in {compared to actual heels and wedges} it felt new and tall to me) But it’s never too tall because who cares..

Exception…Victoria Beckham gets away with being over-dressed and tall all the time. Plus she’s British.

—AND finally..I thought I’d be constantly strutting in them. (how could you drag your feet in these shoes?!) BUT THEN…I realized that a little strut in your step makes you look even hotter. SO, be thankful for your booties if you have some and if you don’t…go buy some because they can be dressed UP or DOWN with the right outfit, material/textures, and the right accessories.

Strutting like a VS angel (confident) is a SEXY ACCESSORY…so work it in some booties. Just imagine if  Candice, Heather, Doutzen, and Lindsay were slouching down the runway (above). “AS IF”

Quick ways to dress up booties: dressy pants (skinny or flare), super dark denim or leather leggings, chambray/lace/beaded tops, knit sweaters, blazers or fitted jackets, and especially jewelry!!! Statement necklaces are super in (click link to BP. statement pieces) and so are the Alex & Ani bangles!

Quick ways to dress down booties: Distressed/light denim (skinny or boyfriend jeans), legging-like-pants, long cardigans/sweaters, knits, looser fit jackets, and accessories–scarves, hobo-bags & still stick with those statement jewelry pieces!! 🙂

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dressing down her tan ankle booties with light denim boyfriend jeans, statement (but neutral) scarf and a shrunken knit blazer.

After overcoming my hesitations about ankle booties and learning how to wear them perfectly, I then fell happily ever after in love with booties (THE SHORT BOOTS). The End.

Rihanna rocking light pink suede booties. What a love story..
Rihanna rocking light pink suede booties. What a love story..

Current trend/obsession: still BOOTIES. 😉 xo

By, Abbey Bland


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