Spring is creeping up on us faster than a shopaholic in a blowout sale and SPRING MEANS it’s time to ease out of our over-sized-sweaters and into something a bit lighter!!  I call to your attention the KIMONO. Not necessarily the silk wrap straight from the heart of Japan…but more like a featherweight slouchy-shawl-sweater combo. The modern boho-chic kimono is a top ESSENTIAL and EASY piece for spring time!

free-people-at-first-light-1 (1)
Free People Crescent Heights Kimono $98 (wait!! Don’t worry there are more fish-in-the-sea…aka there are more kimonos that come cheaper)

LOVE: 1. The kimono is the ultimate spring essential and most of them come at a really good price. (SOO get them while they’re playing undercover in winter and cheapest!!)

2. Super easy to dress UP or DOWN

3. They can give the perfecttt boho-chic look without putting on Ozzy Osbourne sunglasses or a ring of flowers around your head.

4. The Kimono look pairs flawlessly with loose tees and tanks!

5. It’s also perfect to throw on for those times when you’re scrambling in your closet for something cute to wear—on the go!

6. (jumping ahead but..) They can also transform into a perfect swimsuit cover for summer!!

I absolutely love the KIMONO trend and the look fits every body style perfectly! The sheer floral Brandy Melville Alexis Kimono Top is super chic and a charming touch to a simple-based outfit:

Brandy Melville Alexis Kimono Top

A few other kimonos I love…for reference:

Free People Simple Love Kimono $38  (this one is currently residing in my closet)
Free People Simple Love Kimono $38

(this one is currently residing in my closet)

These modern kimonos are definitely like the bohemian-urban girl’s VS Angel wings: sensual, flirty, chic, cute and essential!! Happy shopping now 😉 xo

By, Abbey Bland


3 Comments on “KIMONO? KIMOHHYES.”

  1. Your blog is adorable! One of my favorite bloggers (maskcara) just posted a picture of her in a pretty kimono she actually found at forever 21—you’re totally fashion forward! Keep up the good writing! 🙂

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