Are Leggings Pants?!

I have yet to answer the infamous fashion faux-pas question: Are leggings pants?! Well unfortunately I must say after years of self-denial that leggings are NOT pants. LEGGINGS ARE LEGGINGS. BUT WAIT KEEP READING…because I love leggings just as much as the next girl..believe me. To be honest though, I have to replace them every few months because they stretch out, fade or fall into the black hole of leggings.

SO…towards the end of 2013, retail has thankfully started to help us out by introducing us to the legging’s identical twin. And as we know, identical twins look the same but don’t always act the same!!!

(DEEP BREATH NOW..) I’m not concluding that we should ban leggings all together….because that’d just add to the world’s longest list of “basic-white-girl-problems”. Instead, leggings should be styled PROPERLY, e.g., under over-sized sweaters, sheer dresses, tunic tops, (perhaps a bummish-ensemble??)…..or other longer tops that cover more than half our butts!


As much as I love leggings…things often go horribly wrong. Ex. Olivia Wilde’s tragic mistake. We love Olivia Wilde but UH-OH…we do NOT love to see the camel-toe from those leggings…S.O.S S.O.S.


Fortunately…fashion guru, Jessica Alba, has clearly mastered the art of leggings:

1- skirt and army green jacket paired with leggings 2- tunic top paired with leggings 3- oversized sweater and top paired with leggings

1- skirt and army green jacket paired with leggings
2- tunic top paired with leggings
3- oversized sweater&top paired with leggings

So…back to this (lack of a better word) “legging-pant”. If only I could share texture with you through the internet…

PROFILE: “Legging-pant”

1) They have a stronger & more flattering waist—unlike elastic waist-band leggings, so they look really good with crop tops, tanks, tees or anything that doesn’t cover your butt really; whereas, leggings tend to look best with (as I said) oversized/long sweaters, tunic tops, etc.

2) They have a nicer and less static-prone texture…so when you pull at them, dust/lint doesn’t fly away.

3) They come in more cuts that flatter all body shapes!! Ex. (most flattering) mid-rise, high-rise, low-rise

4) They definitely hug the legs/BOOTY a lot better!

5) They are easier to dress up and down!! Whereas, leggings tend to look better dressed down/casually.


I honestly love the legging-pants!! I am a sucker for leggings too…just when they’re worn/paired with the right outfit (unless you’re feeling that bummish-ensemble day). Check out the legging-pants because they will OPEN YOUR EYES and they are so flattering!! (Jolt’s are from B.P. Nordstrom and you can find the J-Brand at Nordies too or online!!)

Happy Shopping 😉 xo

P.S: …For the record, I DO LOVE leggings and will never part from them, but this post below (which pushed my buttons..), is comparing leggings to these completely unflattering jeans…because JEANS CAN LOOK SEXY TOO I PROMISE!!!

RT x INFINITY because these jeans give no justice to cute pairs of jeans that are out there


SEE, jeans can be cute too.. (J-brand is such a good fit)

SEE, jeans can be cute too..
(J-brand is such a good fit)

By, Abbey Bland


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