Exclusive Interview with Scheana Marie from “Vanderpump Rules”

If you watch the new hit reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” you know Scheana Marie has a lot on her plate; working at Sur Lounge in Los Angeles, hitting the studio, and even an engagement!

AbigailAvenue.com and theTrueGossip.com teamed up to ask Scheana some questions about life, fashion, and her career.

TTG: According to E! Online, you’ll be getting married to fiance, Mike Shay, in July. Congrats! Do you have any details you’d like to share about the wedding?

SM: Thank you! We are getting married at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in the Santa Susana mountains this summer at sunset. I’ve always wanted a wedding that isn’t completely traditional – outdoors, Mexican buffet style dinner and no cake! We will be featuring a candy bar, photo booth and cake pops.
engagement collage

Scheana and Mike recently sent out their “Save The Dates” to friends and family

Scheana has worked for Lisa Vanderpump for years, who owns well-known restaurants such as Sur Lounge and Villa Blanca. Since starring in Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Lisa has become known for her sophisticated and glamorous fashion sense.

AA: You’ve know Hollywood fashion icon, Lisa Vanderpump, for a while. What style tips (if any) have you acquired from her throughout the years?

SM: Well, when I sprained my foot while wearing flip flops she said to me, “Haven’t I taught you better than that? You always wear heels!”

TTG:  Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” know you are passionate about your music career. What has been your favorite performance so far?

SM: I have to say hands down, The Roxy. Having all of my friends and family there for my first performance was so much fun. As much as I think I can top that performance, I haven’t yet. Dancing on the bar at Sur was fun but I needed more room to get around and really dance!

You can find both of her singles, Good As Gold and What I Like, on her website or on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, amazonMP3, and Google Play.

AA:  You have a fabulously diverse taste in fashion. Tell us about your style!

SM: I don’t really have one. I dress a lot of different ways. Sometimes I like to be chic and sometimes I like to be casual or hipster. Right now I am loving high waisted anything with a crop top!


The show has taken off since it aired, becoming one of the most-watched (and talked about) reality shows this year. Like other cast members, Scheana continues to work at Sur Lounge and gets recognized all the time.

TTG: The “Vanderpump Rules” finale brought in almost 2,000,000 viewers. Have you had any crazy fan encounters since the show began?

SM: So many! Mostly at work. There was one fan the other day who literally cried when she saw me as if I was a member of One Direction. It was pretty cool I have to say, but I am just a normal person like everyone else who lives paycheck to paycheck and waits tables. I don’t have that glamorous of a life.

Scheana rocking a Walter Collection dress designed by Los Angeles up-and-coming designer and good friend, Walter Mendez.

Scheana in a Walter Collection dress designed by up-and-coming designer, Walter Mendez.

AA:  Do you have any favorite stores you like to shop at? Favorite designers?

SM: 2b bebe! I get everything from there. Most of my wardrobe all of second season was from 2b! Forever 21 was my favorite until I discovered 2b. My favorite designer is actually a good friend of mine and up and coming, Walter Mendez.

Links: www.2bstores.com www.waltercollection.com

AA:  What is the “go-to” piece in your closet!?

SM: My American apparel high waisted leggings. I have 4 pairs and wear them almost every day in the winter.
Scheana Marie rocking her American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Waisted Leggings in December at The Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society's 11th Annual Snow Ball Holiday Party at Lure in Hollywood, California.

Scheana Marie rocking her American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Waisted Leggings in December at The Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society’s 11th Annual Snow Ball Holiday Party at Lure in Hollywood, California.

Links: American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Waist Leggings, $42

American Apparel Cotton Spandex High-Waist Leggings, $30

AA: We are excited to hear you have some new and exciting fashion moves coming up in your career! Any details or hints you’d like to share with your fans?

SM: I can’t say anything about it just yet.. But I’m super excited!

How exciting! We can’t wait to hear what she has to announce…

To keep up with her, be sure to follow her on twitter and instagram: @scheanamarie and Bravo TV’s reality show, Vanderpump Rules!

Article/intreview by: Abbey Bland, AbigailAvenue.com & Mary Nelson, theTrueGossip.com


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