Booties Take on Rain…

It just started to rain again in weather-confused California! It’s winter…shouldn’t it be raining..? WELL, we have been in one of the biggest droughts in a long time. You know what that means. Every girl in sight has never been more appropriately prepared/dressed for the rainy weather.  The second the clouds rolled in to sunny/dry California, us girls threw our other shoes aside and scavenged out our adorable rain boots. Knowing most every girl got the chic Hunter Rain Boots within the past year/Christmas, I have never seen so much anticipation to rock them!! The tears shed during this drought, by all of the new Hunter boot owner’s, should make up for the lack of rain though.

Within these past 4 days (or so) of rain, I have gotten so many nice comments about my BOOTY!!!!!! jk, just my RAIN-BOOTIES. Anyways….tons of people asked me where I got them, and unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore 😦 I did some research though and found some adorable pairs of rain-boots—transformed to BOOTIES. Here are mine:

RED Valentino Short Rain Boot

RED Valentino Short Rain Boot

Again. sadly they’re out of stock! But fortunately, CALL ME A HUNTER ;), because I have hunted and found some other super chic short rain-booties!! I even want to buy myself another pair now…

Here are the links to the boots above! Click to check them out:

  2. ASOS Ted Baker Rubber Dark Red Jeqan Chelsea Boots, $96.30
  3. DIZZY Dizzy Regan Rain Boot, $79.95 | DSW (limited sizes also at DWS for $44.95)
  4. Urban Outfitters JuJu Footwear Biker Short Rain Boot, $75

Now I am tempted to go stock up on another pair…..

Happy Shopping! xo 😉

By, Abbey Bland


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